Series Description

The life of Jesus through the no-nonsense, counterintuitive, sometimes confusing gospel of Mark
Description: What a thrill it is to hear a powerful storyteller, masterfully weaving a story together that keeps us on the edge of our seat, awaiting the next twist and turn in the story. A good story has highs, lows, unexpected heroes, and more.
The Gospel of Mark is one of those powerful stories, immersing us in a fast-paced look at the life of Jesus, filled with plot twists, healings, unexpected encounters, confronting the forces of darkness, and more, a true look at what happened when God came to Earth.
Join us for a 14-week journey as we immerse ourselves in the life of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark, beginning January 12th. We’ll see highs, lows, and everything in between – for some, we’ll meet this Jesus for the very first time. For others, we’ll meet and fall in love with Jesus all over again.