Elder Selection

At South Fellowship, Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and its Chief Shepherd. We believe He has given the shared responsibility for the governing of His Church to a group of Elders, comprised of a number of men chosen from the membership to serve alongside the Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Associate Pastor.

Elders serve a three-year term and can serve two terms back-to-back. Jerry Suits and Terry Bote have both served faithfully completing two terms and are required to step off the board. In addition, Brian Miranda is taking a one-year sabbatical. Therefore, we anticipate adding three new elders. The congregation is invited for the next three weeks to submit nominations to the Board of men believed to be qualified to serve as Elders.


The Selection Process for New Elders

  • The elder board is currently comprised of six lay elders and three pastoral elders. We hope to continue with this same ratio.
  • Coinciding with the fiscal year (July-June), new Elders are to be chosen to replace those who’s term has ended. The Elders approach the congregation through the means of the pulpit and written material, inviting the individuals to nominate the names of godly men from the membership.
  • The nominations are reviewed and prayed over by the Elder Board and the Pastoral Staff. From the nominations, a list of preliminary candidates is selected and contacted by the Elder Board.
  • Candidates are approached and asked if they “aspire to the role of elder.” If they do and sense the Lord’s leading, they enter into a time of prayer to seek the Lord’s guidance.
  • The names of those selected to be Elders are then listed for the congregation. The people of South Fellowship have another period of two weeks to approach any prospective Elder personally with questions or concerns.[1]
  • These new Elders are appointed by the Elder Board to serve the church. Elders generally serve three year terms, and may serve up to two terms in sequence.


Qualifications of a Ruling Elder

At South Fellowship church, we have humbly agreed to the following qualifications for those on the Board of Elders:

  1. He is a man of spiritual maturity.
  2. A member of South Fellowship.
  3. Endorses our Statement of Faith.
  4. Endorses our Core Values.
  5. Meets the qualifications for an Elder as set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
  6. Has already demonstrated both the character and the functions of a leader.
  7. Believes God is calling him to lead in the church as a whole. This call is affirmed by the Body at large.
  8. Has a good reputation with the community.
  9. If married, his wife is a godly woman who has been committed to ministry with her husband.
  10. If married, his wife is enthusiastically supportive about her husband serving as an Elder.



[1]    Any member of the congregation who feels that a prospective elder does not qualify as an elder should take the steps listed in Matthew 18:15- 17.  If the matter still cannot be resolved, then it should be brought to the Elder Board.