A church building can be an intimidating place to enter for the first time, but now churches around the globe are bringing the Good News to people where they’re already at…on their devices.

Even in this season, God is on the move, and we get to be a part of what He’s doing. You can help share the gospel by inviting others to stream our online services on Sunday mornings. Here’s a few ideas to get you started!


These graphics are all yours! Save any of these images on your device to share on social media, in a text message, an email, on Nextdoor, or any other platform of your choosing. Whenever you’re sharing about South’s online services on social media, we encourage you to use the hashtag #southfellowshiponline. Thank you!

We also have a Facebook Profile Picture Frame you can use to invite friends!


There’s lots of fun ways kids can invite the neighborhood to stream South’s Easter Services! Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Write an invite in sidewalk chalk
  • Make a colorful sign to hang on your window
  • Create an invite and have mom or dad post a picture of it on social media or Nextdoor

We’d love to see what you end up creating! Post a picture with the hashtag #southfellowshiponline so we can share your masterpiece!

Stuck on how to word an invite? Here’s some templates to get you started. Be sure to make it your own, and include the link!

Text message:

Hey ____! If you’re bored at home, I wanted to let you know my church is doing online streaming services on Sundays at 10:00am. I’m gonna be watching it and thought you might wanna check it out too.

Social post:

If anyone’s looking for something to do this Sunday morning, you’re welcome to join me online for church! South starts streaming their worship time at 10am. Let me know if you’d like more details. #southfellowshiponline


Hi ____, I hope you’re doing well! I know this season has been crazy, but if you’re looking for some encouragement I’ve been watching online services from South Fellowship on Sunday mornings. Would you be interested in watching them along with me? They start every week at 10am. Let me know what you think.

Share your Sunday morning view on social media! We love seeing photos of families and friends worshipping together online. Make sure to use the hashtag #southfellowshiponline so we can find your post.