[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today we had the privilege of skipping with our missionaries Tyler and Amy Maxwell in Kenya. They were there with their church and some of the street boys they work with. Over the past few months we have been praying for one of those young men named John. John was beaten severely and almost lost his life. Through the process the love and support he received from the church and the Maxwells lead him to accept Christ. Here is his story:


John’s Testimony

The devil started on me when I was young at school in class 3(3rd grade). This is where the devil filled me with the heart of a thief. When I started highschool in Uganda I stole so much they gave me an indefinite suspension from school. I then went to the streets and my life was misused with evil things and stealing. It was in September one night I went out to steal. It was not a good day for me because I had trouble before me, I was beaten until death. But for God’s kindness and mercy he brought me life again and healed me.
I spent a month in the hospital, after my treatment I stayed at Calvary Chapel, after some days at the church I discovered God loved me, that same day a friend of mine came to me and told me God has a plan for my life and that is where I got saved.
Since I accepted Christ as my Savior and my salvation I have found the way,truth, life, love, and peace. My guilt is gone and He is mine forever.

Joy and glory thanks be to God

Here are some photos from our time on Skype with them:

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