Arbol de Vida/Tree of LifeCol. Lomes de Poleo, Juarez, MX

Ministry Focus: John and Carmen began this ministry in 1994 to help the abandoned, neglected and abused children and youth of Juarez. They have sheltered over 14,000 in our facilities since then. Tree of Life has approximately 13 acres of land with a farm, church, residential building and recreational facilities. Their mission is to help the resident children feel safe, secure and loved with the same love that Jesus loves us; build their health nutritionally and physically; complete their education at least through high school; and become fruitful Christians. They also transport about 100 children and youth to Arbol de Vida weekdays to have a healthy meal, receive nutritional education, receive Bible study and prayer, and participate in P.E. teacher supervised exercise, sports and games for fun.

Contact Information:
[email protected]