Daniel and Kimberly Shugert – Ogden, UT

Ministry Focus: sharing the gospel with the lost in Utah and mentoring/discipling former-LDS

Key Verses:
-Matthew 7:7 (We challenge and encourage Latter-day Saints to truly seek Jesus)
-2 Corinthians 3:14-16 (We pray for the veil to be lifted from Mormons’ eyes to see the unending glory of Jesus and His true covenant)

Please pray for:
• God to prepare our neighborhood and those we interact with to hear and receive the Gospel message we bring.
• current believers to be mobilized to share Jesus with their neighbors and spheres of influence.
• our capacity to grow in compassion and understanding as we mentor those transitioning out of Mormonism.
• healthy relationships with local churches so we can hold trainings for mentoring former-LDS.

Contact Information:
Daniel: [email protected]
Kimberly: [email protected]