Ministry Focus: Indian Evangelical Education Trust manages the Bible School India Graduate School of Missiology (IGSM). The vision of IGSM is “training thousands, reaching millions.” India has a population of 1.3 billion, and the people predominantly follow Hinduism. The Christian population is only 2.5%. We train missionaries, evangelists, pastors, and laymen to go out across the length and breadth of India and also some neighboring countries to share the love of the Lord. Training is very important because many Christians need a strong foundation and an understanding of the basic Christian Doctrine, the uniqueness of Christ, Anthropology, and other faiths. That helps them to minister in a more effective way and not falter in the face of hardships. They also minister to tribal people, children, and people in areas of strong persecution.  

Please pray for:
  • our students and Alumni. They are serving all across the country and in other nearby countries. Please pray that the Lord’s protection would sustain them during difficult times.
  • the new academic year that starts on June 20, 2022. We have many different modes of training. Please pray that the Lord will help us train, disciple, and equip His children effectively so that their ministry is blessed abundantly.
  • us. We have been in ministry since 1974 and we could always feel the Lord’s hand upon us. We are broken after our elder daughter, Hannah’s death in April 23, 2020. It is the Lord’s grace and the hope of meeting her in heaven that keeps us going. Also do pray for our younger daughter, Caroline as she ministers here and for our grandson Anugraha Andrew, who is in the sixth grade. We would also appreciate prayers for all the India Graduate School of Missiology staff and their families.
  • support to be ongoing.