Connect to a Sunday Service

Our services are now streaming online! Gather with us at 10:00am every Sunday for worship, teaching, and an interactive time of community and sharing.

Looking for past sermons? Visit our Sermons page.

Video Streaming Tips
  1. For best results, we recommend using a modern, up-to-date browser. Chrome or FireFox will work well. Microsoft Edge will work fine. Please do not use an older browser like Internet Explorer if at all possible.
  2. Make sure you have a good internet connection. This may not work well if you are on a public wifi network or if you have issues at home when streaming video services like Netflix.
Display Our Service on TV

You can display the service on your TV with a little additional configuration. Visit the appropriate link to learn how!

From iOS devices to TV

From Andriod to TV

Request a DVD

If you are not able to join us on Sunday with the streaming service, we welcome to you request a DVD of our sermon by clicking the link below.

Share Our Service with Friends and Family

Join Our Ministries Online

Getting Started with Zoom

Our ministry groups are currently using Zoom, a video chat platform, to connect over prayer, Bible studies and much more! To get started, please go to to create an account and download the software.

Zoom is also available as a mobile app for iPhone and Android.
Download Zoom Client for Meetings

Zoom and South Fellowship Groups

Now that you’ve learned how to download Zoom, it’s time to find your South Fellowship group! Visit our Connect page to see a full list of dates and times our groups are meeting. If you haven’t received a link for your group yet, you can fill out a request form on this page.

Zoom Tips
  1. Keep yourself muted when not talking, to minimize feedback.
  2. Consider using earbuds to minimize feedback from the sound coming through your speakers (especially for those on cell phones).
  3. On a traditional phone, *6 works to mute and unmute.
Breakout Groups

Breakout Groups are a powerful way to start a group lesson and then divide up into smaller groups online for discussion.  In order to plan and use breakout groups, our ministry leaders need you to have a Zoom account. Please send your zoom account email (not your password) to the ministry leader. This allows us to plan breakout groups for discussion during lessons.