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Most men battle sexual lust in one form or another. It is perhaps the most common issue facing men of faith; yet too many of us face it alone. Many men find themselves isolated and filled with shame. If you are struggling with anything from mild pornography use, to out of control thoughts, to affairs; we want you to know two things: 1) you are not alone, 2) you are created for something far better! You’re invited to join a small group of men, just like yourself, on a confidential journey toward discovering the true desires of your heart. This group is not about accountability; rather, it’s about learning to engage the most important aspects of your masculinity as God as designed. Join us and begin to experience the fulfillment and freedom you have been created for!

Registration is available online. Please contact Jesse Bean at 303-803-4098 or [email protected] with any questions.

Resources: Surfing for God by Michael Cusick.

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