Sean Switzer

Director of Student Ministry

While Sean is VERY careful not to claim the illustrious title of “Colorado Native” (he moved here when he was five), he was raised in Centennial, where he attended school and grew up in a local youth group. Sean brings over 15 years of experience serving in various roles in youth ministry and has a deep passion for mentorship, transformation, and guiding students as they discover the way and heart of Jesus. Sean and his wife Melody have two boys – Jackson & Shepherd. In his free time, you can find Sean outdoors on his bike or in the mountains, camping, hiking, and skiing. While he does not have a single musical note in his body or artistic abilities, he greatly appreciates those blessed with those gifts.

Contact Sean for:

any questions about South Student Ministry.

Office Hours:

Mon & Thurs: 9:00am-3:30pm
Tues: 8:30am-10:30am
Weds: 9am-5pm