Serving together, with the heart of Jesus

We believe the people of South are at our best when we step into the spaces and places that invite us to use our gifts, passions, experiences, and unique wiring to serve, grow, equip, and develop each other as we join in God’s redemptive plan.


Use your gifts

Whether you know exactly what area you’d like to get involved in at South or are curious about where your gifts, passions, and experiences could be utilized, we can’t wait to help get you plugged in. Ready to take the first step? Tell us about yourself and your interests, and peruse our full list of current serve positions by clicking the button below.

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Local Outreach

“I love Jesus and I love the kids. I love sowing seeds that will lead the kids to love Jesus more.”

Todd S., South Kids Volunteer

“Getting to use my gifts to serve a population of people who have reached out to our church for assistance. It is a blessing to work with our team to prayfully consider how we can best assist those who need our resources.”

Anonymous, Community Care Volunteer

“Worship team is a great service opportunity and leadership is awesome.”

Kris T., Creative Arts Volunteer

“It’s a wonderful chance to meet people I haven’t seen before and get to know people that I see more often.”

Anonymous, Connections Volunteer

“I like that I have the opportunity to get to know our youngest members and their parents. They feel comfortable and safe with me. I love that look of recognition, the hugs and smiles when they see me in the lobby. I want them to feel loved, accepted, valued, safe, and protected while in the house of the Lord. If they leave feeling loved, accepted, valued, safe, and protected, then we have done our jobs.”

Rebecca Z., South Kids Volunteer

“It’s been really cool to build some trust with some of the students as we serve together on the youth worship team.”

Megan E., South Students Volunteer

“[I enjoy the] connections with other Christian women.”

Julie H., Formation Volunteer

“I always feel valued for my time.”

Anonymous, South Kids Volunteer

“People in the office are very kind.”

Katie H., Operations Volunteer

“[I enjoy] meeting new people, praying with others, [and] supporting those who are serving on the front lines.”

Anonymous, Formation Volunteer
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