Welcome to South

Who we are is pretty simple. We exist to help people live in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus. We want to be a church that feels like coming home, create environments that lead to encounters with Jesus and next steps, and become a church that the world would miss if we were gone. Anyone is welcome to join us.


Join us this Sunday

Whether you’re new to the Christian faith, are unsure about attending church again, or have been a part of faith communities your whole life, you are welcome at South. We invite you to attend our Sunday morning gathering at 10:00am in the Worship Center (or engage online through our livestream). We worship from the heart, learn from the scriptures, and enjoy being in community. In total, our time together lasts for about 75 minutes.

When you arrive, feel free to grab some coffee. If you have kids, you can check them into South Kids at our Family Check-in area just south of our lobby. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our Welcome Team volunteers at the front doors and Worship Center entrances.

After the service, we invite you to stop by our “New Here” table in the lobby. We’d love to meet you! This is also a great place to find information about our church and how to get involved.


Worship with us

We love singing at South Fellowship. It’s a significant part of what we do when we gather. We sing old songs that anchor us in the movement of God through history. We sing new songs because God is still giving his church songs.


Kids & Student Ministries

We love kids! Infants-5th grade are welcome to attend South Kids Sundays at 10am. Students in grades 6-12 are invited to attend South Students on Sundays at 10am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. South Kids is located just south of our church lobby, and South Students have a separate entrance several doors down the strip mall.



We’re located in a strip mall just off South Broadway and Arapahoe in Littleton, behind the McDonald Hyundai dealership (6560 S Broadway, Littleton CO, 80121). Our facility allows us to operate like a community center adding value to the lives of the people around us – some who come to church here, and many who don’t. We love being a church that is integrated into the fabric of our community.

From Pastor Alex:


As pastor of South Fellowship Church, I get the privilege of inviting you into our community. South is made up of many people from different backgrounds. It includes those that serve in our food bank, those who watch online, those who gather in small groups in homes in the wider community, and, yes, of course, those that gather on Sunday morning. Jesus is our center; he is the thing that unites us. While there are people with all sorts of beliefs in what we call “non-essentials,” as a community, we are decided about Jesus. We are a community committed to living in the way of Jesus, with the heart of Jesus.

If you are looking for a community or family to follow Jesus with, or perhaps just curious about him and what his death and resurrection might mean, we would love to get to know you! If you choose to visit, I would love to say hi and help you figure out if South is a place you want to call home.

Grace and Peace,
Alex Walton (Lead Pastor)

“I love the music and message. I greatly appreciate the candidness and vulnerability of our leaders. It is a good reminder that you are not the only person who doesn’t have it all together with God and with others.”


“I love that I feel welcomed and loved. I have many friends at South. I love the sermons and our pastors and staff. I love that South has numerous opportunities to join the church community. I have found a happy home.”

Rebecca Z.

“The teaching is wonderful. Alex is very relatable and authentic.”


“[South is] genuine and honest, scriptural, and Holy Spirit-infused.”

Bruce H.

“I like the loving and authentic people, the environment, and the Kids’ Ministry. I also like the worship and teachings.”

Megan E.

“[I enjoy the] quality music, sincere worship, thoughtful/insightful sermons with a solid balance of historical context and practical application, seeing friends, [and] seeing my son make friends.”


“I love how authentically and gently the sermons are delivered. I also appreciate a variety of worship songs. My favorite part of Sunday Service is greeting the people around me!”

Karah M.

“[South] is very welcoming. South does a great job with having staff members connect with each person who walks in on Sundays.”


“[I enjoy] the feeling of community, the joy in worshipping our God, the learning of scripture through stories, quotes, and humor, the feeling of non-judgemental love, the purpose of the church – to walk in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus.”

Julie H.