Being Formed in Christ

Each of us is on a unique spiritual journey. Spiritual formation is the ongoing process each person experiences as they develop their relationship with Jesus and his people. This can take place through a variety of different spiritual practices, both individually and in community. We’re excited to come alongside you and equip you for your journey!


Groups at South

The way of Jesus wasn’t meant to be lived alone! We believe personal connection and spiritual formation take place in community. Our groups exist to provide a place to engage with others in prayer, scripture study, and mutual support. Access our current list of open groups, classes, prayer groups, and more below (Interested in starting a group? Fill out our Serve at South form and select “Formation”).

Formation Events

Other Formation Opportunities

Women’s Formation
Men’s Formation

“[I enjoy] the community and deep relationships we have built in our time together. It is a safe place to share, pray, laugh, and be 100% real.”

Melody B., Small Group Member

“I LOVE being a part of Choir Connection. We get to create together, serve together, and care for each other so well.”

Anonymous, Choir Connection Member

“Everyone is different, but everyone is open and understanding of different views.”

Katie H., Small Group Member

“[I enjoy] being in communal prayer sessions with other members on the team and knowing what is in the hearts of missionaries we support.”

Lupe O., Missions Advocacy Team Member

“I love the connections I have made with the people in my small group. Having a group of people who are caring and we pray for each other is great.”

Anonymous, Small Group Member

“Game circle is awesome. Has been super fun the few times I have been able to make it.”

Tim B., Game Night Circle Member

“Being a part of a small group makes our church family feel more intimate and personal. It makes it easier and more comfortable to connect with others outside our established group.”

Anonymous, Small Group Member

“Love getting to know others and having fun [through the] Pickleball Circle.”

Penni S., Pickleball Circle Member

“[I enjoy] getting to have smaller community and authentic relationships outside of church.”

Tracy F., Small Group Member

“[I enjoy] Choir Connection. The fellowship is just the best. Ministering at assisted living centers is so worthwhile.”

Anonymous, Choir Connection Member

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