He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4 (NIV)

Covered. Enveloped. Enclosed. Does a letter come to mind? You got mail! Getting an actual envelope with a special message or card inside is a big deal these days. Opening an email on a device isn’t quite the same, but there is still the element of anticipating something that’s covered inside until it is opened. Envelopes are meant to cover their contents safely and securely.

Psalm 91 reveals a person covered with God’s care and in close communion with him. This intimate relationship brings eternal protection and peace of mind. Talking to God gives him an opportunity to envelop us in his Spirit so that we are one with him in thought and mind. Every time you pray you are enfolded into the very heart of God. He created us for this! It should please us. He calls us to talk to him and commune with him for his name’s sake and for his Kingdom, this pleases him.

The series Not Like Me has brought up a lot of people and issues we can cover in prayer. Pray as you write each person/issue on a separate 3 x 5 card. The process of slowing down to write a name or draw a picture (kids and adults alike) or to doodle on the card prompts prayer.

Make cards for:

  1. Our church. Think of the names of staff, elders, friends, and new pastor transition.
  2. Those with whom you constantly are in conflict and disagreement.
  3. Neighbors.
  4. Someone who is not like you in the area of politics. Pray for them and the election.
  5. Someone who is not like you in the area of sexuality.
  6. People of other ethnicities in your life.

When you are done, put all the cards in an envelope. It symbolizes God’s covering on them through your prayers. Take the cards out of the envelope each day and pray for the South church family and other requests. You can write the date or more prayers or draw some more on the cards. You could even share them with someone else and pray together. Then put them back in the envelope and thank God for his covering on them. Keep the envelope on a windowsill, desk, nightstand or car seat, where you can see it as a visual reminder throughout the day of his constant covering of the people and problems inside. He is a God who hears, who cares and who answers. He will keep you safe within, his holy overshadowing. Listen to this song as you write your cards and envelope them.

By Donna Burns