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The odds of Jonathan and his armor bearer winning a victory against the Philistines appeared far less favorable then the little bear’s odds against the mountain lion. At least until you see the power of the God who can and did shake the earth that day. Often we lose sight of the advocate that we have in God. When situations look dire, it helps to remember that our God owns everything because He made it all. He can speak anything into existence, He is mightier than a hurricane and an earthquake, and there is no barrier or enemy that can stand against Him. It’s that perspective of God that allows Jonathan to step out like he does in this story.

In 1 Samuel 8 the people had begged God and Samuel for a king to rule over them. Saul’s kingship was a result of that plea. While Saul’s bravest men huddled under a pomegranate tree, we see Jonathan reverting to a higher advocate then his father the king. Jonathan slips out of the camp of human, family, political, and social authority and steps into the kingdom of God’s authority. Which place do you think is safer? What area of your life seems daunting right now? Where could you be stretched? Step into that area with the confidence that your advocate is far greater then any risk you could take to obey. Pray about that area of your life with a prayer like this, “God, what you say, I intend to obey because I trust you.”[/vc_column_text][us_separator height=”25px” size=”custom”][vc_column_text]

By Aaron Bjorklund

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