Read Luke 2:8-18.

Ahhh…Christmas is finally here! I remember when I was a kid staring at our nativity set perched on top of our TV.  It was a cardboard one – with very English-looking people in it. Baby Jesus was lily white. One of the shepherds was wearing an old English-style hat and one of his legs was missing (a mishap caused by either my brother or me). That didn’t stop me from being mesmerized by this nativity set. I would go from one character to the next, imagining what they experienced at that stable.

I was a toe-headed, blue-eyed kid.  I grew up thinking Jesus was too. And you know what? That’s OK.  It reminds me of a carol I love. Take a moment to listen and reflect on Some Children See Him, by James Taylor. The video can be found at the bottom.

Now, go back to that shepherd scene. The shepherds are in a field, guarding their flocks, getting ready for another typical night. But it’s anything but typical. An angel…a blinding radiance…a heavenly choir. In the middle of all this, it’s the message that catches my imagination: “I bring you good news of great joy for everyone! (Luke 2:10  NLT)

Have you ever tried to think what kind of news would be good and full of joy for everyone? I might rejoice that a war is over – but what if I’m on the losing side? Think about it. The only kind of news I can come up with that is “good news… for everyone” is this one – “The Savior – yes the Messiah, the Lord – has been born tonight!”  (Luke 2:11 NLT)  The good news of Jesus doesn’t depend on nationality, race, age, gender, societal or vocational status, physical abilities or shortcomings. This is good news for everyone and it’s filled with joy!


Imagine yourself stepping into a nativity scene.  Let each character’s faith fill and stretch your own. Read today’s scripture verses again. It’s Christmas!  Jesus has come!

By Dan Elliott 

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