The mathematician-philosopher Blaise Pascal coined the phrase, “the dignity of causality.” It’s a mysterious and wonderful idea. God, in his love, decided to bring about his purposes in the world through us. He grants us the dignity of causality in his kingdom. It is a mind boggling thought that God, who needs nothing, would invite us into his mission to renew the earth and bring his peace to all things.

Today I want to give you an opportunity to meditate on that idea. Find a moment when you can clear your mind and focus. Close your eyes and picture some brokenness in the world. What is it? Is it child abuse? Is it broken relationships and the bitterness that comes with them? Is it depression, suicide, or loneliness? What does that problem look like to you? These things are so damaging to people, aren’t they?

As you look down on that issue, imagine Jesus walking up next to you. He stops right beside you and looks down at the brokenness with you. You stand there, side by side in silence for a moment. Then, with sadness in his eyes he turns to you and asks you, “what should we do about this?” He tells you that he longs to renovate and heal all that pain. He longs to restore the people involved and bring them life and hope again.

“What should we do about this?” It is that question from Jesus that we are invited into every day. We are part of God’s plan to renovate the world and bring healing to its brokenness. He genuinely wants you to imagine solutions with him. Yes, he is the guide and the ultimate healer, but he invites you into the process.

Now visualize the conversation you have with Jesus about solving the brokenness before you. As you and he dream of restoration together a ball of light and hope begins to form between you. Finally, Jesus gives you this ball of light and asks you to bring that light and hope down into the mess before you. He asks you to be the carrier of hope to the brokenness in the world. Today, let us partner with our great God as we bring hope to all those who need it.

By Aaron Bjorklund

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