Read John 15:26.

This week we have directed a lot of attention on the Spirit. I wonder if he is blushing? You see, If you study the Holy Spirit through texts like John 15:26, you begin to learn that the Spirit is constantly pointing people to Jesus. Jesus is the Spirit’s favorite subject. There is this beautiful little verse in Romans 12:10 that says, “Outdo one another in showing honor.” It would seem that the trinity takes its own advice. Jesus is always deferring to the Father, the Father delights over the son and the Spirit points us back to Jesus.

When Jesus is born he comes bearing gifts. One of those gifts is the promise of the Holy Spirit. But it’s not just any spirit, it’s that selfless spirit that he gives us. One way to know how in step we are with the spirit of Christ is to evaluate how Jesus-focused we are. If we choose to accept God’s Christmas present to us, namely the Spirit, we must also remember our Christmas present, by nature, is focused on Jesus.

So in the spirit of Christmas, how Jesus-focused are you? How interested are you in pointing others to Jesus? If you don’t feel as Jesus-focused as the Spirit is, it’s not a thing to feel guilt about, it’s just a sign that you may not be listening to the Spirit. You may not have opened and enjoyed that Christmas gift from God to and in you. Ask the Spirit to drive more of your motivations. See what happens. Keep asking and see if the Spirit will make his voice heard more through you. I suspect he might say, “Isn’t Jesus amazing!”


Make a list of characteristics of Jesus. Hang it somewhere you’ll see throughout the season.


By Aaron Bjorklund 

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