Dear Elijah,

If only you knew all the great and marvelous things I want to show you. Cherith brook is just a beginning. You might consider being fed by ravens inconceivable and undesirable. There is no limit to what I can do and how I can accomplish it. My ways are not your ways. All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in me. I am real, unlike the many idols you find around you. I long for you and my people to truly know me. The world you live in is temporary and always changing. I will be with you through every change; there are more to come. Believe me when I say I am with you, I am for you, I have your back.  Those who seek to destroy you will not succeed.

If only you could see how intimately involved I am in your life. Before you were even born, I knew you. I have plans for you to give you a future and a hope. I open and close the doors of opportunity to guide you. The natural consequences of the drought are going to affect you too. I will use the ups and downs, successes and failures you experience for your benefit and so others might know me. Because you are continually available to me and obedient to do what I ask, hearts will turn to me. All your sufferings draw you closer to me, and bring glory to my name. My goal for you is your character not convenience. Your real need is to keep your eyes on me, your all-wise, all-knowing Father. Focus on me, your provider and sustainer, not the food brought by the birds. Discipline your heart to hope only in me.

If only you could feel the love I have for you. I carry you near to my heart, as a shepherd carries a lamb. Give me all your troubles, your fears, your doubts, because I care for you. When you are brokenhearted I am close to you. I count and collect your tears and carry them with me in a bottle. One day I will take away all your tears and all your pain. You will live forever with me in the reality I intended, in my love, and in my truth. There are pleasures forever in my presence. Decide to stay as close to me as you can no matter what. You will know pure joy and happiness when you love me more than anything or anyone else.


Your heavenly Father

By Donna Burns  

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