Today, let’s reflect on this passage, John 13:1-17, as we imagine ourselves being part of the story.  But, first we will stop to ask God to guide our imagination with His presence.

Dear Lord Jesus, You are alive today.  You are actively working in my life and in my mind.  Please guide my imagination today with Your presence and please illuminate Your Word to me through this exercise.  Amen.

  • Picture the upper room on the night before Jesus was betrayed.  It is dimly lit by a few oil lamps.  The air is thick and dust rests heavy on your tongue, on your feet.  Every few minutes a slight breeze comes through the windows, a welcome relief after a day in the heat.
  • Now, imagine that you are Jesus washing your disciples’ feet. You smell the sweat mixed with dirt as you gently clean each pair of tired feet.  You hear the disciples murmuring to each other as you move around the circle.  You feel the cool water splashing against flesh, washing away the grime.  You touch the course towel to skin, now clean and refreshed.
  • Close your eyes for a moment.  Now, think of what it must have been like for you, Jesus, the Creator, the Savior, the King to come to wash the feet of Judas, your betrayer.  Does Judas look you directly in the eyes or does he avert your gaze?  Think about what emotions rise up in you as you touch him.  What are you thinking as you cleanse the feet of the one who that very night will hand you over to be tried and killed?  What is going through your mind as you see the filth on his feet paired with the guilt and greed in his heart?
  • Now, let’s narrow the thought down to today.  Who is your Judas?  Is God prompting you to humbly serve this person regardless of how they may have treated you in the past?  Regardless of what they may do to you in the future?

Faithful Jesus, thank you for this time with you today.  Thank you for speaking to me through Your Word.  Please fill me with courage and grace and humility today as I serve someone who has hurt me.  Help me to remember Your example and to trust You with the outcome.  Amen.

By Ellen Rosenberger  

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