For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother. Matthew 12:50

Jesus firmly states all obedient believers have the honor and privilege of being his kin. We each have a choice to make, is our life going to be God’s or our own? Are we going to do his will or what we want? Is the old sinful nature to rule or be transformed?

We are transformed when we become a new creature in Christ. Our relationships are transformed because we also become part of God’s family, the community of new creatures. We become connected to something bigger than ourselves. We are changed for the sake of others and the benefit of the Kingdom of God. To have community on earth as it is in heaven. The transformed community of God not only talks about, knows about, and hears about God’s will but does it. Jesus came to do his father’s will not his own. We must do the Father’s will also, and not our own.

A transformed life contributes to a transformed community. Imagine if every believer focused on God working in them and through them, so every person who attends our church felt God’s presence and his care. What if we found believers taking the time to ask, “How did God show himself to you this week?” instead of “how are you”? Or “‘I can’t wait to see how God does this” instead of “I don’t know how I am going to do this”. Or “What now, God?” instead of “Why me?” And when someone shares a need, we offer to pray right then. Today make additions to this list. Keep thinking about doing God’s will and remembering we are a fellowship of sin broken believers in the process of being restored to wholeness in the family of God. Reflect on the lyrics of Take my Life and Let it Be sung by Chris Tomlin and let it remind you of these truths.

By Donna Burns

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