As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. Isaiah 66:13

In thinking of my mom, who passed away in 2018, quite a few things come to mind, many of them just words. My mom was very loving, always willing to show her love for us. She was an intercessor. I’ve mentioned before how she interceded for me with moms of my friends when she felt I was being wrongly treated. She was a teacher of life and living to me. She was strong and patient. She was so humble in all areas of her life. She was simple in her love for Jesus. If you read back through this list of things, most sound familiar. They sound like attributes we read about in the way of Jesus.

I know there are people whose experiences with their mothers aren’t similar to mine. Sadly, being human leaves a lot of room to break the hearts of many, including one’s children. But for me, Mom was a great example of living in the way of Jesus. The way she went about her life in front of me was a learning experience, sometimes without her ever saying a word. And, in listening to her and dad talk, I understood how she lived when I wasn’t around. And both sides of her life (seen and unseen) matched up.

Not everyone is blessed with a mom who lived their lives this way for their children. If this is your experience, think about those women you know or knew who weren’t your mom, but demonstrated this love for you. Someone who lived in the way of Jesus in such a way you could take away tidbits of life that have proven beneficial, or will someday. If your mom resembled my mom, praise God! Either way, think of those influential women in your life who demonstrated and taught you living in the way of Jesus and thank them either personally or in your heart.

By Rich Obrecht