***New format for the Daily Devotion!

Yesterday, we started a new series called “Postcards from the Edge” – a journey through the seven letters in Revelation. Since it’s a new year and a new series, we thought we’d try something new with the Daily as well. Our prayer is that this new weekly rhythm will help you with learn where to START when picking up the book of Revelation, how to STUDY using various methods of Bible Study, and how you can SOAK in the text to experience Jesus through interactive exercises.

Mondays will feature a short video teaching on where to START when reading the passage.

Mid-week will lead you through various helpful methods to STUDY this part of the Bible as well as give you simple suggestions for how to apply the text.

Fridays will offer an interactive exercise to grow your relationship with Jesus through reflection, contemplative practices, or imaginative exercises.

Throughout this experiment, we’d love your feedback. Feel free to comment on what was helpful and what was not! We invite you into the conversation. Now, onto today’s video teaching.Watch Ryan’s observations from Revelation 1 and where you can START when you open up the book yourself.

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By Ryan Paulson  

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