A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home. Mark 2:1

Read Chapter 2 of Mark’s gospel.
Who is in charge here? When Mark wrote about Jesus, the Romans were in charge. Their culture, their gods, their “peace” prevailed. There were Roman soldiers and guards everywhere to make you obey and temples and pagan gods to delude you. To believe in the God of Israel and follow his son Jesus, as a Jew or as a Roman, meant you saw life in a new way. You had a new paradigm, new priorities, new pressures, and were probably persecuted.

Mark couldn’t wait to tell others about Jesus. The new life he tasted and the new life his friends experienced was miraculous. It changed everything about them, their work, their friends, their hearts. They were free and they were forgiven even under Roman oppression. They had peace and purpose in spite of persecution. Mark was excited to tell the things Jesus did, the questions Jesus answered, and the things Jesus taught. Some, like Levi and the crowds were drawn to being with him and asked what Jesus’ new way meant for them, and their future. Others, like the Pharisees, resisted Jesus. .

In our complicated day and age, we also ask who’s in charge here, who’s defining morality and making the decisions. People had questions for Jesus when their way of life was threatened or seemed confusing. Mark let the readers of his gospel know they were not alone in seeking Jesus and it was OK to ask those questions. Perhaps you have questions too. How is following Jesus with a new heart in new ways supposed to work? Write down your questions, ask him in prayer and listen for how he might respond. Pray that this study series in Mark will reveal more of Jesus to you. Keep looking to the Bible for answers, this is a help Mark’s audience did not have. Seek the help of a Christian counselor, pastor or mentor.

By Donna Burns