Pray these verses for someone the Lord brings to your mind.

In view of this great prospect (the second coming of Christ),

I pray for ____________ (fill in their name or job) constantly,

that God will think ______________ worthy of this calling,

and that he will affect in _______________

all his goodness desires to do,

and that _____________’s faith makes possible.

I pray that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may become

more glorious through_______________, and that

______________ may share something of his glory—

all through the grace of our God and Jesus Christ the Lord.

May the Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father                                                                                   (who has loved __________ and given _________ unending

encouragement and unfailing hope by his grace)

inspire _______________ with courage and confidence in

every good thing ____________ says or does.

By all means may_______________ use judgement,

and hold on to whatever is really good,

May______________ steer clear of evil in any form.

May the God of peace make ________________ holy

through and through.

May _______________ be kept in soul and mind and body

in spotless integrity until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He who calls _________________ is utterly faithful

and he will finish what he has set out to do.

May he guide _____________’s  heart into ever deeper

understanding of his love and the patient suffering of Christ.

Now may the Lord of peace personally give _____________ his peace

at all times and in all ways. The Lord be with ________________.

By Donna Burns  

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