He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity. When goods increase, they increase who eat them, and what advantage has their owner but to see them with his eyes? Ecclesiastes 5:10-11

I think it’s human nature to seek and desire being secure. Whether this is physical security by keeping safe from bad things, spiritual, or financial security, it seems to be our pursuit. When we see people ‘hang it all out there,’ doing something that goes against any sense of security, we think them foolish. But is this how it’s supposed to be?

Joseph came from a very wealthy family. He had all the security he needed, or wanted. Life for him was safe and secure. But, when running an errand for his father, his brothers weren’t excited to see him. It seemed Joseph told them his dreams, leading them to believe he was very arrogant. His revelations placed them in positions of servitude to him. Their father felt the same after hearing the stories. Because of this, the brothers plotted his demise, and ultimately sold him into slavery where all thoughts of security were stripped away. His only security would be found in God. While his security seemed to lapse in Egypt, ultimately, God proved faithful in providing what he needed. So, too, can it be with us today!

Wealth and its facade of security can, and often does, depart rapidly, seeming to disappear as quickly as it came. But the security found in Christ is eternal and doesn’t diminish! Despite our perception of all the bad things going on, and feeling ‘alone’ as we go through them the reality is that Christ is present with us. With Christ, we can’t lose (Philippians 1:21).

As we grapple with life day-to-day, as ‘stuff’ comes along either seeming to provide self-determined security, or threatens us in ways unforeseen, think about what Jesus has done. Consider his continual presence in all we see and do. Everything that comes along seems to direct us along one of two paths: either the impression of self-security or security in Christ through surrender. Choose death to self and surrender and find truth in the words ‘To live, we must die; to be free, we must surrender’ (Matthew 16:24-25). Perhaps as you go through your day, and thoughts of inducing your own security by whatever means come along, pray a surrender prayer, something like what is below.

Lord, hear my prayer!
You have blessed me with another day on this,
your creation.
Thank you.
I would ask that you bring
to my mind today people and things
I need to pray for.
Things like mercy towards
grace towards
Since I am yours, help me to
today in all its duration and events
to you.
I love you, Lord!

By Rich Obrecht

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