The Beginning

Read Genesis 1-2. Let’s take some huge existential leaps with our imagination today. First, focus on the relationships God had before the creation of the earth, before time as we know it. Imagine the incredible communion between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Picture yourself in a beautiful paradise and allow your senses to experience the loving fellowship of the Trinity, a fellowship of which man is now made a participant.

The Middle

Now imagine the harmonious picture broken when Adam and Eve choose to sin. It is a cataclysmic fall. In the rest of the Biblical narrative, God is reaching out and wanting to restore the relationship that once was.  Included in his plan from the beginning is a redeemer (Genesis 3:15). God demonstrates his love by sending his only son. Consider the eternal bond we share with God, based on our adoption as sons and daughters, made possible  through Christ’s sonship with the Father. Remember the brokenness in your life, how God reached out to you, and how you became a beloved heir to his throne. Jesus’ once and for all sacrifice for sin transforms the future.

The Future

This week we have journeyed through the themes of: Forgiven, Forsaken and Finished.  Now let’s imagine the rest of the story using Revelation chapters 21-22. What a beautiful parallel — God’s restored paradise and the future that awaits believers are similar to how it all started in the beginning.  Imagine the new heaven and new earth. Paradise is the garden again, where there is perfect peace, no tears, and no pain.  Embrace the intimate, restored connection you have with God now.  Take time to sit and listen to what the Father, Son and Holy Spirit might be saying to you today.  Jot down your thoughts as you rejoice in your restored relationship with God, through Christ.


By Donna Burns  | See Other Authors

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