Aligning ourselves with God’s will as we listen to our hearts can be pretty tricky and messy, can’t it? This week you may have felt uncomfortable with this idea or unsure of how it could practically play out in real life.

Let’s put some skin on our devo themes by intentionally calling to mind a decision you have recently made or are processing currently. This could be a decision about a relationship – whether or not to date or marry a certain person. It could be a decision about vocation – which kind of job to pursue and where. It could involve education – where to go to school or send your kids (or homeschool). This could be a decision about money, sex, time management, life goals, etc. Whatever it is that is tugging at your heart right now, think about that one decision.

Now, take that decision and as you breathe in deep invite the Holy Spirit to speak to and guide your heart. One more deep breath in as you lay your desires and motivations before him who knows all things. Move prayerfully through the next few questions, being fully honest with yourself and your creator.

If I had to make a decision right now on this which way would I lean on this decision what would it be? And would the decision lead me towards God (consolation)? Would it give me a deep sense of life-giving connection with God? With others? With myself? Or would the decision lead me away from God (desolation)? Would it carry with it a loss of a sense of God’s presence? Is aloneness, turmoil, confusion or even rebellion associated with this decision. Or does it feel like neither (as in a neutral, non-sin issue)?

Pray this prayer of surrender over your decision. Holy Spirit, I believe you are alive in my heart. Your power is stronger than the grave and I believe it is true that you give wisdom freely. I am asking for wisdom and I am choosing to believe that you speak to and move in my heart. As I walk forward in this decision, I pray that I would have peace and joy. Thank you for using our desires even in difficult decisions. I surrender my will and my hopes to you.

For further study and reflection, check out this helpful website about St. Ignatius of Loyola, who really emphasized the need for discerning the different movements of the heart (whether away from God or toward God).

By Ellen Rosenberger

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