Read Galatians 5:21-23.

As I walked to school with my friends, we’d talk and dream about gifts we hoped to get for Christmas.

Invariably, the conversation would change to what it’d be like if Christmas was every day. What if every morning we woke up to gifts and they were gifts we actually wanted, not gifts parents typically give, like socks and t-shirts? The pace of the conversation would pick up, we’d get all the more excited, and then someone would see the school. The conversation would quickly die down and reality would set in. We all knew that day wouldn’t be another Christmas morning.

While such childhood conversations and dreams are unrealistic, we as believers have fruit being born in us daily as we journey in our faith, walking in the Spirit. And we need these gifts every day: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Who wouldn’t want those? Who wouldn’t want to share them? These fruit are given to us in our relationship with Jesus and they’re not private gifts. No, these gifts are seen by all around us.  

Christmas is a joyous time of year for many. As we celebrate Christmas with family and friends, I’m sure conversations will include gifts hoped for and whispers of gifts to be given. Almost certainly, we’ll talk and sing about how Christ came to be with us and how his birth led to his sacrifice for us and our redemption. May we not only daily recognize and appreciate the gifts generously given by the Spirit, but also liberally share them with those around us. In this way, our childhood dreams of Christmas gifts every day are realized, both given and received!


Notice ways the fruits of the Spirit show up in your day today and in this Christmas season. Take initiative to let others know how much you appreciate the gifts of the Spirit they are sharing as well.


By Rich Obrecht

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