For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

If you were to ask me who I worshipped, I would probably give the pat Sunday School answer: Jesus, of course. But if I were to sit and honestly think about that question I might have to answer a bit differently. I’d have to admit that worship isn’t just my acknowledgement of who is worthy of praise, but it’s actually where I’m daily putting value, time, and energy. It’s running toward something I value. In the story of Jonah his attempted escape from God was furnished by his paid fare to Tarshish. In my life there seem to always be many different available boats sailing to Tarshish. What are mine filled with? Comfort? Entertainment? Affirmation? Purpose? How about for you?

I want to challenge you today to pull up your bank statement for the past month and just notice the trends in where your money has gone. You could even pull up your calendar and ponder where you’ve spent significant time last month or last week. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any ships to Tarshish in your life, areas where you’re placing high value on possessions or people or feelings – going after them harder than God (or in place of him).

Now, take a moment to ask the Spirit to remind you of some treasures in your relationship with Jesus. What has he done for you? Where has he met you? What is he teaching you? Write those down as declarations of praise. Worship your maker who is always present with you in times of great trusting and in times of rebellious running. Proclaim that he alone is Lord over your time, finances, and affections. He is worthy of all your attention and adoration because he is good, he is holy, he is trustworthy, he is all-knowing, and much more!

By Ellen Rosenberger

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