Brave in the New World

The world can be a scary place. From tragedy to turmoil, it feels like things can change in the blink of an eye. And we live in a world that’s constantly changing. In fact, our world is changing faster than it ever has. From social media to sexuality to scientific discoveries to globalization to politics; it feels like life is in a constant state of flux. The world is changing faster than it ever has and it’s leaving us wanting. We are connected, but lonely; overly-informed, but often confused.

As people of faith, it can be hard to know how to live in our ever-evolving cultural moment. How should we process the most hotly debated issues of our day? What does it look like to live in the way of love when ‘us versus them’ seems like the only option? When love and faith seem to conflict, what should we do?

This is a series about living boldly in the world in which God has placed us. This is a series about being people of faith in a rapidly changing society. This is a series about engaging some of the most debated issues of our day. This is a series about how to live Brave in the New World.