As I was preparing for a message that I am teaching on community, I ran across this quote. I think Calvin is right on here:

“The human mind is a factory of idols. When all idols are stripped away, ultimately it’s worship of itself. The big me. The capital me. But when we choose to follow God we commit to something much larger. We enter liminality with each other as we are transitioning from the old to the new, from death to life, as we grow in a common purpose; to become more like Christ.”

I’m excited to teach on community because I think that it is such a vital part of what it means to be a follower of Chirst and yet it is something that is so lacking in the church today. As I studied there is one truth that stood out to me; true community forms as a result of mission and purpose. The early church had such strong community because they were united and passionate about the purpose that they had – speading the message of Jesus Christ and becoming more like Him. Maybe the reason we don’t have the same community is because we don’t have the same passion for our purpose and calling. Just a thought.