Walking in the Spirit | Galatians 5:21-23

Read Galatians 5:21-23. As I walked to school with my friends, we’d talk and dream about gifts we hoped to get for Christmas. Invariably, the conversation would change to what it’d be like if Christmas [...]

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Dwelling Among Us | John 1:14

When my kids were younger, we’d dress up and play make-believe games where superheroes conquered bad guys and princesses ruled over the extravagant castles. We’d dress up in character, make forts, and enjoy the afternoon [...]

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Redeeming Family | John 1:11-13

Read John 1:11-13. Family. A word that holds promise for some, but a world of pain for others. Family. Where our sweetest joys can be found, as well as where our deepest scars can exist. [...]

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Accessing Destiny | Psalm 2:1-8

Read Psalm 2:1-8. Presently, we see global rulers who negotiate through whatever means necessary. We watch as those in positions of power and governmental authority try to set themselves apart to gain influence and harness [...]

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Offering Adoption | Ephesians 1:5

Read Ephesians 1:5. My story of adoption starts in Calcutta, India. My birth mother had me when she was around 14. I don’t know much about her background, but I do know I was found [...]

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Becoming Children | Isaiah 40

Read Isaiah 40:1-20 “Behold our God!” Isaiah marvels at who God is and what he’s done. There is no God like him. He is OUR God. It is he who created the world (v. 12-17) [...]

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Regifting Christmas | Romans 5:17

11Read Romans 5:17. Have you ever regifted a present? Or have you received a gift you were pretty sure had been regifted? Whether you’ve given or received a regifted present, it probably felt awkward; after [...]

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