It’s My Turn | Luke 24:28-35

Last week I got all the way to work and realized I had forgotten my computer at home. While I only live two miles away from the church, the journey back and forth felt laborious...

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Leaving Joy | Luke 24:13-35

Listening isn’t as easy as we think, especially in the culture surrounding and pervading us today. There are so many things vying for our attention...

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Leaving Clarity | Luke 24:13-27

“You never listen to me!” A phrase we hear many times. Sure, we were looking at the person while they were talking and heard their voice, but we didn’t listen. If asked what was just said, we’d have to fumble around with words...

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Cheering/Jeering | Isaiah 55:9

During Jesus’ three years of ministry, there were many people watching with a myriad of opinions and perspectives about who he was, what he did, and why he came...

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Leaving Jerusalem | Luke 24:13-27

Imagine journeying toward the big city anticipating a week of festivities with beautiful parades, music in the streets, delicious foods, seeing old friends and distant relatives. Then, when you arrive, the air is buzzing with excitement. Everywhere you turn, Jewish families are gathering to celebrate Passover together. But this year is like no other. Rumor has it there’s a king in town. Opinions and emotions are running at an all-time high. The hot topic of conversation around every meal and the muffled whispers around the streets revolve around one man – a man called Jesus.

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Hanging on His Word | Psalm 1

Imagine waking up the day after a major crisis. The sounds of life fall silent and your heart feels heavy - as if gravity is pulling extra hard. Only days prior...

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Weeping for Jerusalem

Some parents may understand the reason for Jesus’ weeping. When first you hold your newborn baby, your heart fills with how precious they are your sight and in the sight of God...

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