Many of us dream of an abundant flourishing life, we hope for a bright future, and we long to feel known, valued, and loved. Yet most days these desires often feel more like a pipe-dream than reality. Especially when we see people lying to get ahead, others playing the victim, and still others convinced doom is coming or despair is inevitable. But, what if these dreams are actually possible?

What if someone told us of a place where our souls could truly come alive? What if this place was a place where freedom was real and our hearts felt securely at home? We’re in luck. Because John, a close friend of Jesus and wise saint describes the foundation of where abundant life DWELLS.

As John summons us to see God as light, life, and love, he urges us to ground our lives in a new reality – with Jesus as our home. His words give us hope that our dreams are possible when we DWELL in him.

Join us as we learn to receive his life, step into his light, and make our home in his love.