I absolutely love spending time with my two kids – especially outside! Seeing them run around and play together is the best. We have this sand box in our backyard. It has sand on one side and water in the other.

Here is what I’ve noticed about watching them play out there; I spend most of my time telling Avery not to eat the sand or drink the nasty water. The funny thing is that every time I tell her she looks at me like I’m crazy. If you have kids, you know that look!

So, I’m in the backyard today, we’re playing, I’m telling Avery once again to get contaminated water out of her mouth, and it strikes me… This is how I often respond to God. He tells me that things are contaminated; that they are bad for me, but I look at him like he’s crazy. Like he’s trying to rob me of some joy.

I’m reminded this morning that he is a loving father. That he is for me, not against me, and that he wants my joy more than I do.

So, today I’m trying not to look at Him like he’s crazy. Hope you will too.