My amazing wife Andrea and I have three wonderful and energetic children (and our 4th child is due on September 1st): Ada (10), Mack (6), and Van (4). We moved from Chicagoland in 2018 and have been attending South ever since. I have worked in Christian Higher Education for the last 16 years and currently work at Denver Seminary as the Vice President of Student Life and Enrollment Management where I oversee Marketing, Communications, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Life.

Over the years, Andrea and I have served as leaders for marriage small groups and also as marriage mentors and recently I had the privilege of serving on the Lead Pastor search team at South. I have a heart for the local church and feel a deep connection to the mission and people of South.


I have invested nearly 28 years serving marginalized youth and families in Denver, CO and Dallas, TX. My faith journey began at a Young Life camp when I was 16 years old. I was born and raised in Denver’s inner-city and grew in my faith journey through an after-school outreach ministry called Neighborhood Ministries. After marrying my wife Andrea in 1990, I began to lead the outreach programs for the children and youth. In 1997, we sensed an opportunity in Dallas Texas and moved there to start Cornerstone Community Ministries. We were commissioned and supported by South Fellowship in this move. This grassroots ministry served a marginalized community in Dallas from 1997-2009.

In 2009, my wife and I moved our family and ministry back to Colorado to serve youth in the Denver area. Once back in Colorado, we joined the body at South Fellowship and have been involved in several small groups, served in the children’s ministry department and assisted with two youth trips to summer camp in Oklahoma and to one short term missions trip to Chicago.

I am passionate about meeting the relational, emotional and spiritual needs of youth and families. Andrea and I have two adult sons, Jeremy and Andrew, and a daughter, Alyssa, who is just entering high school. We recently joined Club Mimi and Pop Pop when our first grandchild Elijah made his appearance in the fall of 2020. We are close to extended family and are always looking for an excuse to host a BBQ or head out for a hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


We met as teenagers in Southern California and got married before my last year of college. After college, we moved to Oregon to get training for ministry in Austria. So, in 1983, Celeste and I along with our 2 children moved to begin a ministry in Austria, mostly in Vienna. After language school, we were involved in church planting, pastoring, mission team leadership as well as regional supervision of other colleagues with our mission in neighboring countries. Then in the summer of 2019, we returned to the States to begin life in Colorado where we had owned a townhouse for 10 years. I continue to be involved with our mission full time in the area of global prayer initiatives.

On our 3rd Sunday in Littleton we attended South Fellowship and never left! I soon got involved with the Watchmen Prayer ministry and Celeste later joined Sisterhood. We love the local church and I am willing to use my passion for shepherding and prayer at South as the Lord leads the church.


My beautiful and loving wife Jen and I have two children: Lily (7), and Mason (10). We came to Littleton, Colorado in 2017 from Northern California, where Jen and I met and married. After arriving we engaged in a number of church communities in and around Littleton, but felt most welcome and most at-home at South Fellowship. We have been attending South ever since. The first 25 years of my career focused primarily on engineering and business within the medical equipment industry. More recently I find myself juggling a blend of at-home-Dad, small construction/home renovation work, and passion projects.

During our time together Jen and I have served as leaders for community groups within churches and have volunteered both together and separately in various capacities. I have previously served on the Board of Directors of a ministry focused on partnering with and caring for young single mothers. While at South I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a part of the Food Bank Remodeling project and as a member of the Senior Pastor Search Committee through which Alex came to South. In particular, I have a heart for the intersection of local church and the broader community and for those individuals relegated to the fringes of our society.

If you would like to discuss our Elder Nominations with any of our continuing elders, please feel free to contact them by 7.28.

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