Encountering Jesus

We’ve all met someone that has changed our life. I can remember meeting my now wife, Kelly. I knew within a few days of meeting her that our encounter would change my future (or, I hoped it would!). The gospels are full of stories about people who meet Jesus. Sometimes they walk away from the encounter sad because he called them to give up everything to follow him. Other times, people walked away overjoyed because he healed their infermity. On other occasions people who were demon-possessed met Jesus and walked away with a cleared mind. Still on other occasions, people walked away confused after hearing a teaching that didn’t make sense to them.

The one common factor throughout the gospels is that when people encounter Jesus, they are changed. It’s impossible to meet him and remain unchanged. Throughout the history of the world, no person has affected more lives than Jesus of Nazareth. His fame and renown continue to resonate thousands of years after his earthly life ended. There has never been anyone like him. There will never be anyone else like him. He changed history and he wants to change your future.

The Lenten season as we journey toward the empty tomb, we are going to be exploring Jesus’ encounters with people throughout the Gospel of Luke. As we study these passages, our prayer will be that we meet Jesus afresh – corporately and personally.

Join us as we encounter the ONE who could change your ALL