Our Food Bank supports anyone who could use some help with food for their household. Each person who comes through our doors has a name and a story, and together with Jesus we create a safe place where everyone is known, cared for, and encouraged.

When you come to our Food Bank, you will be welcomed by our team and checked in by name. If you’d like to share, we’d love to hear how we can pray for you. When it’s your turn to shop, you’ll have a clean cart to use as you choose what your household needs. You’ll shop from an ever-changing selection of fresh produce, dairy, deli products, eggs, meat, and bread, all donated from local grocery stores when damaged or near expiration. You’ll also get to choose from a rotating selection of non-perishable items which may include flour, coffee, cereal, peanut butter, pasta, toilet paper, and more.



Our entrance and parking is off East Panama Drive, in the northeast corner of the church building at 6560 S. Broadway, Littleton. We are open Saturdays, 8:00-10:30am for both new and returning shoppers. Please arrive by 10:15am in order to shop inside.

¡Con gusto le recibimos! La entrada del banco de alimentos está ubicada sobre East Panama Drive, en la esquina del edificio de la iglesia en 6560 South Broadway, Littleton. Se abre los sábados, desde las 8:00 am hasta las 10:30 am para los clientes nuevos, tanto como los que regresan. Favor de llegar antes de las 10:15 am para poder escoger y recibir los abarrotes.

Sundays we are open for our church family 8:30-9:00am and 10:15-10:45am. Anyone attending South is welcome to shop, and it is a great help when you rescue food and put it to good use feeding your family.

If your needs are beyond food, please call South’s office at 303-797-1500 to speak with our Benevolence Team. We also recommend Love, Inc. as an incredible local resource.

Additional Food Bank and Meal Resources


Our Food Bank thrives because many volunteers work together, pitching in with what they love to do. Our team members pick up from local grocery stores, sort food, get to know shoppers as we serve them food, and keep all the behind-the-scenes things running. If you’d like to join our team, please email us.

We welcome food donations on Thursdays and Fridays between 9-11am. Non-perishable donations can be dropped off at South’s office during office hours; some of our favorites include peanut butter, tuna, canned soup, pasta, cereal, and ground coffee.

You can also give by shopping at King Soopers or City Market. Log onto kingsoopers.com or citymarket.com, visit “Community Rewards,” search “South Fellowship Church,” and enroll! By doing this, 5% of your purchases will automatically be donated to the Food Bank. Currently, 56 households are helping provide in this way!

Donation Shopping List

“I love serving and connecting in a space where people can come just as they are and be met with the love of Jesus. I love the diversity of languages, cultures, and colors of skin, knowing that all are truly seen and deeply loved by their Creator.”

Kara W.

“The Food Bank touches me with the joy of helping so many families in need, the fellowship with my sisters and brothers, and being a light to those at the stores that we pick food up at.”


“We had two new shoppers come in last week. They were young and obviously friends, and as they walked down the hallway to check in I heard one say to the other, ‘So this is what a church looks like.’ I know they meant the building, but I couldn’t help quietly agreeing. In more ways than one, this is exactly what a church looks like.”

Michelle H.

“I love the Food Bank because it lets us minister to people in a very immediate, tangible way. The Bible mentions food 1,207 times. Our God knows that people get hungry and wants us to feed them. By doing so, we not only show people God’s love, but we show Him ours by caring for what He loves.”


“We’ve had so many donations come in lately from South people and community members. One shopper who’s been coming for about four months has had intermittent work. He asked us to pray for a good job for him, and we have been praying. He’s now had a stable job for 2 weeks, and with his first paycheck, he gave us $50 to buy food! He wanted to give back and was grateful we had been there for him and his family.”


“Really enjoy volunteering at [the Food Bank] on Saturday mornings. We are helping many in the community and also making good friends!”

Rita W.

“I was looking for bread for our neighbor from the Food Bank when one of the helpers asked if our neighbor had children. Well, yes. The helper said they had some leftover gingerbread houses. I took one and the neighbor kids had so much fun putting it together. Our neighbor texted us a picture and said the kids loved doing it.”


“[A woman] from New York (who moved here 6 weeks ago), was a new client this week. She moved here to take a job as a teacher, which dissolved when the schools closed. Now she is unemployed and in a strange state where she knows very few people. I asked to make sure she had secure housing, and she replied she had paid 2 months on her apartment which left her very short on cash. Someone told her about our Food Bank, that we had fresh produce, and she said she was desperate enough to try it. She got here on the bus with a neighbor and was thrilled that we let her choose her own fruits and vegetables. (She and her neighbor returned the following week!)”



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