by Grace Hunter

Sing to the LORD , you saints of his; praise his holy name. Psalm 30:4 NIV

“…hallowed be your name,Matthew 6:9b NIV


What does this phrase mean? “Hallowed” is old English for holy – which means set apart, consecrated, revered, or sacred. Whose name are we to revere? God’s name.  Here is an example, “Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness,” Psalm 29:2 NIV. Why should we revere God’s name? Because God’s name is so much more than just what we call Him. It includes the manifestation of His character — it signifies God Himself.

“So Moses chiseled out two stone tablets like the first ones and went up Mount Sinai early in the morning, as the LORD had commanded him; and he carried the two stone tablets in his hands. Then the LORD came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the LORD.  And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness,  maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin.” Exodus 34:4-7a NIV 

Do you see how God proclaimed His name and His character to Moses at the same time? Samuel tells us God’s name is great, “For the sake of his great name the LORD will not reject his people, because the LORD was pleased to make you his own.” 1 Samuel 12:22. Daniel and Nehemiah both speak of the reputation of God’s name.
“Now, O Lord our God, who brought your people out of Egypt with a mighty hand and who made for yourself a name that endures to this day, we have sinned, we have done wrong.” Daniel 9:15 NIV. “You sent miraculous signs and wonders against Pharaoh, against all his officials and all the people of his land, for you knew how arrogantly the Egyptians treated them. You made a name for yourself, which remains to this day.” Nehemiah 9:10 NIV.

I too should care about God’s reputation, His name, His character. I pray that God’s character is revealed in me, in my life, and in my actions, more and more each day. Also, I should care about God’s reputation, His renown in the world, that His name is glorified, that His name and His desires win in the world I live in. I can pray for protection for others using God’s name, (Proverbs 18:10), (John 17:11-12), I can pray for God’s name to save (Psalm 54:1-2), and I can trust in God’s name (Psalm 20:7), (Psalm 33:21). Let’s make sure we keep God’s name holy, set apart, and always remember,    

O LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory
above the heavens. Psalm 8:1 NIV

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