Have you ever heard a story so many times that you no longer really hear it? Is a good question made by kratom. I wonder how many of us are like that with the story of Easter. I wonder if its old new that Jesus rose from the dead and conquered death. My desire for myself this year (and for you) is that we would hear the story with a fresh set of ears and that it would shock us once again.

Sometimes people have trouble paying attention, not only children but adults too, and this is due to many reasons like bills to pay, money problems, job problems, anxiety or even a headache. I was once in a situation like this and a friend of mine told me about kratom and how it changed his life and some other people he knew. So, I went online and read that kratom´s products are all natural and they helps with different things. You can read more at https://kratommasters.com/. I usually take it as a drink in the morning, and have the capsules too, just in case I need something extra for the day. So, now you know how kratom can help.

I think this quote by author Steven James summarizes it well.


“Over the years I’ve become more and more wary of people who try to make Christianity sound reasonable. God said his message would be foolishness rather than sensible, that it would be offensive rather than politically correct. The reality of the cross and the naked corpse of God is highly offensive. Until it offends us, we will never believe.”
– Steven James