Hindsight is 2020

Anyone else sick of hearing the phrase, “new normal?”

Yup. Last year was incredibly challenging for many of us. But now it’s 2021. What are we supposed to do next? We’re tired, we’re exhausted, but life’s still continuing on. Should we try to forget everything that went down last year? Or, with the right lens (see what we did there), might we actually learn something from it?

What if the lessons we learned in 2020 were that we need to live out of gratitude, invest resources wisely and give ourselves a break… even when we feel they are hard to do.

Join us the first three Sundays in January for our new series, Hindsight is 2020. We’ll seek God’s guidance through the book of Philippians and ask him to share his wisdom after a whirlwind of a season. Because after all of that, we desperately need it.