Just (an)other Church

Any organization has to wrestle with the question, “why are we here?” and we are no different. South Fellowship is made up of a group of Jesus followers here together in Littleton, CO, at this moment in time. We are just another church, a part of God’s good story in this world. At the same time, we are also called to be distinctly us, to collaborate with our God, and to run hard towards all we are called to do. What are we called to? We are called to do all we can to live in the way of Jesus, with the heart of Jesus. We long to be a church for the city of Littleton by welcoming people to environments that feel like ‘coming home, designing experiences that help people encounter Jesus and take the next steps, and by becoming a church our city and world would miss if we were gone. You are welcome to join your voice with ours.