In 1969, my maternal grandmother(Granny), was able to get a “Books for the Blind” record player and some talking books from the organization for the blind. Granny could see to get around but could no longer see to read, which was a deep grief for her. My sister’s family and mine went together to buy Granny a King James Bible of her own. It was on, as I recall, 60 LP, 16 speed records. She was thrilled.

Granny lived with her daughter, my Aunt Carol, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. When I went to visit them, Granny and I would sit in her bedroom and listen to various books and usually at least one of the Bible chapters she was currently in. The sewing machine was in her room, and I could sew while we listened.

I missed listening to books when I got back home and was a bit envious because there wasn’t any way to get them for me. Then a year or so later I read about an audio lending organization in Norman, Oklahoma where I could get Bible study cassettes. It was great—they came in the mail, I listened, and sent them back in exchange for others. My favorite teacher was Howard (Howie) Hendricks. I enjoyed his voice and his ability to make comments stick. One talk I treasure is a conversation he’d had with Dr. Harry Ironside who said, ”The hundredth time I read this verse, God brought this to mind.” Howard said, ”A HUNDRED TIMES?!!!!” At that time, I guess, Howie couldn’t imagine doing that.

I don’t know how many times I’ve read various parts of the Bible, but there are certain favorite scriptures where the Lord has shown me something I hadn’t thought about before. For instance: “Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4) NKJV. He brought to mind, “If I really am, ‘delighting myself in the Lord’, He IS the desire of my heart and I can ask Him what his heart’s desires are for me.”

About 12 years ago, South Fellowship did the “Ninety Day Through the Bible” program. I did much of my reading via audio, because I had a business finishing quilts for people, and I could do the sewing while listening. There were things I heard and remembered better than when I would read the same sections. Later, I would go through and mark my Bible so that I could go back to those verses and ponder them.

I am grateful these days for various Bible apps that contain multiple versions that I can move back and forth in. Some have audio and study tools, as well as access to suggested teachers and videos. I’ll be praying that your Bible reading/listening becomes a desire of your heart and a delight to you.