Serving our city in Jesus’ way, with His heart

Our church does not exist for ourselves, but to join God in his redemptive work. In Local Outreach, we desire to love like Jesus, respect and value everyone, build relationships, partner with and empower others, and invite people into meaningful and transformative experiences. Our Local Outreach team operates with a geographic focus of a 1-mile distance around South Fellowship and limited opportunities within the greater Denver area.

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Our Food Bank supports anyone who could use some help with food for their household. Each person who comes through our doors has a name and a story, and together with Jesus, we create a safe place where everyone is known, cared for, and encouraged. Our Food Bank thrives because many volunteers work together, pitching in with what they love to do. Our team members pick up from local grocery stores, sort food, get to know shoppers as we serve them food, and keep all the behind-the-scenes things running. If you’d like to join our team, please email us.

“By being a part of this team, I have grown in my joy of the Lord for His Excellence and caring for those who are poor in spirit. I am thankful when I recognize and am recognized by some of the unsheltered people in our community because of my service at GraceFull and the Food Bank. I am grateful that I have grown in compassion for these people.”


“What I love about outreach is spreading the love of Jesus. Even if they don’t know Jesus, we are glorifying God by serving others.”

Jennifer B.

“Oh my goodness, what a wonderful-looking garden we arrived to see on Monday morning! Truly, the community garden looks beautiful! Thank you ALL so much for your hard work and commencement to Easter, we so appreciate all of you and your continued support of East Elementary!”

Trudy & The East Elementary Staff

“[South is] a beautiful church that honors God and reaches out to the neighborhood. Thank you for providing space for Love INC’S Impact program and fundraising events. Love it when Christain originations work together to serve God’s people.”

Generva H.

“The depth of gratitude is deep for South’s investment in our mission to care for those on the margins in our community across the table and the trust in our board to steward this generosity faithfully. Thank you for modeling Jesus’ heart.”

GraceFull Cafe

“[First Mile Initiative] was valuable to find ways to serve as a family. Such a win to serve others in a world where self seems to be the focus.”


“We are truly grateful for your support as we strive to respond to neighbors in need of a helping hand.”

Love INC

“I really enjoyed cleaning up around Love INC! The employees at Love INC were welcoming and worked alongside us and it was all around a great experience.”


“I wanted to thank you for everything. That was so humbling. Everyone just wanted to help in any way they could. I don’t think I have ever experienced so much love. THANK YOU.”

- a Food Bank shopper, thanking other shoppers and volunteers who helped at her home during the First Mile Initiative




On Saturday, March 4th, South is sponsoring a free Community Breakfast at GraceFull Cafe in downtown Littleton! We invite you to get involved by signing up to serve, or coming out and enjoying some great food with friends and family from 7am-1pm. All tips received will go directly towards paying for another person’s meal. If you’re interested in serving, please sign up online.

Local Ministry Partner Organizations

We are also proud to partner with these amazing organizations and support their kingdom-building work in our community.

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