Ministry Focus: I currently serve as a professor, teaching science courses (Biology, Environmental Studies, Science Teaching Methods, etc.). I also serve as the Dean of Academics, overseeing the academic program of the university (establishing teaching assignments, making timetables and schedules, tracking the academic progress of classes and individual students, etc.). In addition, I lead a weekly 30-minute Bible study for a group of 12 students, and I speak about once a month in the daily chapel services. My work with students, both in class and in administration, at times, involves spiritual mentoring, counseling and advising, and often praying with students about their concerns and difficulties.

Contact Info: [email protected]

Please pray for:

ABCU is working to establish new majors, especially in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. Pray for success in establishing those programs, having the necessary professors, and attracting students interested in them. Pray about the challenge of increasing enrollment (the goal is to reach 200 from the current 128) while at the same time maintaining our current benefit of having small class sizes; this will require more classrooms, more professors, and more staff housing. Pray for provision for those needs. A perennial difficulty is getting students to pay their tuition, which impacts the financial status of the university and taking care of necessary projects. Many parents have limited or no ability to pay tuition (which is being increased to $795/semester starting in August 2022) while others are reluctant to pay. Pray for provision.