Ministry Focus: The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) is a subsidiary of World Impact that provides urban Christian leaders with quality biblical training at an affordable price and education that is relevant to urban ministry and mission. There are 16, 10-week modules (semesters). I take the TUMI Capstone programs into prisons and also provide transitional assistance for the released TUMI inmate students.

Contact Info: [email protected]

Key Verse:

Matthew 28:18-28

Please pray for:
  • Raise my needed financial support.
  • Increase the TUMI student body at both the women’s and men’s prisons by offering the Fight the Good Fight of Faith course, a prerequisite to taking the TUMI Capstone Program.
  • Successful networking to find mentors and job opportunities (especially in ministry) for released TUMI inmate students in the cities they are moving to.
  • Successful TUMI graduations for the Denver Metro students and also for the students at the women’s prison in 2022/2023
  • Successful Onesimus Workshop in October 2022. Pray that more churches desire to offer this workshop as a means to identify ministry to inmates and/or befriending and welcoming returning citizens into the church.
  • For our TUMI students and for them to minister the Gospel of Christ wherever they go.
  • For our TUMI/Prison Fellowship/prison staff relations as we bring TUMI into more prisons.