Caroline & the Swamidoss Family

Tiruvallur, India

Key Verse: Isaiah 54:10

Ministry Focus: The Bible School, India Graduate School of Missiology, is mission-oriented. The school’s vision and mission is to train missionaries, pastors, lay leaders, and church leaders and send them out to proclaim the gospel to all nations. There are students from India, Nepal, and Myanmar this year. All three countries have billions of people who have not heard the Gospel. There are also visually challenged students who get trained and bring others from the differently-abled community to Christ. The Bible school also organizes discipleship renewal camps, evangelism drives, youth camps, Pastors’ Conferences, and other organizations. Caroline Swamidoss, the daughter of Andrew and Esther Swamidoss, serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Institution and helps the entire team to run the ministry effectively.

Please pray for:
  • the Lord to continue to provide for our needs. Our students are very poor and often cannot even pay for their food. However, they are very committed to serving the Lord and make such a difference in God’s kingdom. Your help, support, and prayers go a long way to keep the entire ministry running.
  • our missionaries in India, Nepal, and Myanmar. All these countries are engulfed in idol worship. Many people groups have not heard the good news at all.
  • all the seminars, retreats, and camps we organize with other Christian organizations so that God’s people can be further equipped. We also work with young adults who study in Engineering Schools by bringing them the Gospel.