Ministry Focus: Debbie grew up in Naples, Italy as a missionary kid. She learned that no missionary is indispensable – most leave the field at some point. The Lord put a calling on her life to be a trainer of facilitators so that national men and women would learn to facilitate Biblical truths and, in turn, be able to train others to do the same.

In 2021, Debbie joined Entrust. Entrust’s name is based on 2 Timothy 2: 2 “All that you learned from me, confirmed by the integrity of my life, ENTRUST to faithful leaders who are competent to teach others.”

She is involved in facilitating these four training modules.

1. Facilitating Relational Learning (Small group dynamics/Discipleship)

2. Developing a Discerning Heart (Lay counseling)

3. Discovery Bible Study (Nuts and bolts of studying the Word)

4. Equipping Women to Serve (Developing a ministry team/Mentoring)

She loves that facilitation and relationship are the bedrocks of each module! Debbie is a part of the European facilitation leadership team. She is heavily involved in Southern Italy and Spain. She also helps with Stateside trainings.

Contact Info:
Email – [email protected]
Websites – Entrust Campaign, Thrive

Key Verse:

2 Timothy 2:2

Please pray for:
  • those who have taken any of these trainings to use their skills and train others to do the same; for deepening relationships, and people to come to salvation.
  • these trainings to empower discipleship to happen throughout Spain and Italy.
  • a training hub to start in Central Oregon.