Hannah Levers

Denver, CO

Ministry Focus: Together with my Cru team, we bring the hope of Jesus to people arriving at our doorstep through engaging immigrants and refugees, mobilizing believers, and developing partnerships. Welcoming refugees & immigrants into our lives as friends and helping them to adjust to living here in this culture with the intention of being the light of Christ is from where our ministry stems.

We continue to engage with our dear refugee friends that live in Sheridan, teaching ESL, praying for & with them, prayer walking around their neighborhoods, pursuing spiritual conversations, helping them study for their citizenship tests, aiding in financial literacy, etc.

Over the last year, we also partnered with a local resettlement agency (African Community Center) and South Fellowship to train and connect American teams to walk alongside 3 new Afghan families who arrived here after Kabul fell. We collected enough donations from the South community to set up each household as they began their journey (& were able to bless the fourth household with a furnished home). These teams are still in the midst of helping these families. I continue to coach the teams as they love these families. My Cru team has also helped in mobilizing other church bodies to do the same.

Please pray that:
  • Jesus will come to our refugee friends in dreams and visions and they will respond to His gracious love.
  • the Church would truly see and embrace God’s love for the stranger and respond with His heart.
  • God will give us ears to hear what He has for us ahead and His wisdom in how to love those we are engaging well.
  • God will highlight people of peace in the communities we have connections with so that we can “make disciples of all nations”.